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Grouse: Hiking in the dark

I’m back with a the report about the weekend.

Saturday we first went to the airport To say goodbye to a friend. She is just a great person so I had to do that. I went together with one of my other German friends here. It was sad that she left but I also realized how happy I was that I had the opportunity to meet here and a few other great people. That made me a bit less sad.

From the airport we went straight to Grouse mountain. One of the tallest mountains here in the area. Grouse is 1200 meter high and has a nice trail up. You clime 853 meters on a 2.9 kilometre trail what means you clime a lot. The average on the hill is 31% climbing what is a lot (the steepest part is 56% down). they call the hike also Mother nature Stairmaster. Maybe because it contains about a 2830 stair steps. What is 157 times more then a average stair.

We started climbing at 4:30 a normal time to hike up is between 90 and 120 minutes. I clocked my time at 79:00:01 What is considered as fast so I’m happy with that I think I could go a bit faster if I took less pictures and spread my energy better. I think I should be able in 70 Minutes if I really want it. But it’s hard and to be honest I was happy to be up.

when we where up we went to watch the grizzlies  they have up there (they are adopted) and then we took some weird steep and snowy roads up the the highest point. We took some photo’s and walked back. From the trail and back was an extra 2 hours hike. and we took some breaks so right now it was 8:37 when we decided to go down again. They say you should not hike down it’s to steep and dangerous but we wanted to do that and we did not care that the sunset would be at 9:07 so that meant we had to hurry up.

So we started to hike back it’s really bad for you knees. After about 14 minutes we came along a rescuer he just checked of everyone was off the trail. And he asked us of we had a flash light but we did not have this. So we got one. He said we would need it we kept hiking on a good speed and made it all the way down in 55 minutes. It was so hard that we where shaking on our legs but we made it. And it was not completely dark yet we could still see most of the trail only reading signs was sometimes a bit harder. I guess most people think we are crazy but we had fun and when i came home I was so tired that I could go straight to bed.


And then we had this morning I was going for whale watching with one of my Swiss friends. I had to go up at 7:30 (What is early for me) and we went to Granville island to take the boat. We are adventurous people so we took a open boat what means you get a suit and stuff to stay warm and dry.

We had waves up to 1.5 meters what made it fun for us (some people in the boat liked this less) And we got some water in the boat. But of course what happened no whales today. We saw some bold eagles sea lions and seals. But now the good part they have a warranty so no whales means we can go again for free. So this was just a 5 hours free boat ride for us. And Free is always good. So I hope we see whales the next time. And with the waves I still enjoyed my day so no worries.

And that was my weekend in a short line. Want the whole story I’m almost back so then I can tell you the story (may in Dutch as well).

Crazy weeks

Just a small story this time I have not a real good idea where I will write about but I will found out something I just want to empty my brain here. So that is how it’s going to be

Today I looked on my watch my best friend and I saw it was a Thursday and it shocked me. I know I fly on a Thursday what means I will be in the plane around this time in 3 weeks. I wrote a few times about this. First I would like to stay then I was happy to go back to family and friends and the flat land away from the city. On this moment I’m not sure any more I think I will leave Vancouver with a tear in my eye and a smile on a face. I guess that is the only way to describe how I feel right now. One moment I think I still have 3 weeks left and 3 seconds later I think 3 weeks is just a a little amount of time and I want to do a lot.

I go saying goodbye to friend on Saturday after that I go up grouse mountain.
I go whale watching on Sunday I go whale watching

Then I won a ticket for wild water rafting That means weekend after that I will be buzzy swimming. That Tuesday one of my friends from Holland comes over (I never call names here but most people know who it is anyway)

So if I see it this way this weeks are full of fun stuff so there is the title coming from. I’m looking forward to it to all of it so the next weeks will fly over like no one before did. They say times goes faster when you get older. If that’s true I feel really old.

I will tell you after the weekend how whale watching was I hope to make some great pictures.

I keep thinking here about a lot of stuff and I met a lot of great people here some of them made me even more thinking but I learned a lot here a lot of things that will help my the rest of my life. I think I met some good friends here. I once heard the phrase: A friend is someone who says now what other people say when you are dead. And I think this is true I thought about it a lot But yes I agree with it.  I like it when people make my think about stuff Life should not be to easy. If easy was the standard in life it would still be hard. I can not really explain this if you don’t get it right away just think about it and you will get it.

Other thing I learned from people here: (not really but this was my conclusion after thinking about it a few days)

You should not plan your dreams you should dream them until it comes true. I’m afraid of loosing the dream when I start planning it. When I plan it do it in 3 years and I would not work I will be disappointed. If I dream to do it I will be always happy when I think about it and If I’m lucky there will be a day it will come true. The thing that started this is my dream to go to Antarctica Do not ask me why it’s a dream and a dream does not need an explanation that it’s why it’s a dream. But I was kind of planning to do it right after my Bachelor but after talking to some people i decided to stop planing it and keep dreaming it. I think this will make my happier.

So you may saw in this post I was thinking a lot last week. I had enough time for it. At least now it’s out my mind an I have room for new  stuff It’s time to relax now.



Nope I did not lost the remote for the television this time. I think this remote is a bit harder. I know you always have a hard time when you loose the remote you need to walk al the way to the TV to change a channel. And if you don’t do that you may watch programs you normally not would watch. And may you watched expedition Robinson by accident. If you know the program you kind of know how what we where doing last weekend.

We went camping in a beach somewhere in a remote island. What is remote? There is an hotel on the island but we are not able to reach it. We are stuck on beach where they dropped us. We could see Tofino back in the distance but you know you can never reach it. So it is kind of remote. The difference with expedition Robinson We did not have a camera crew to help us. And we did not have to fight for hour food (We only had to make a fire) And the weather op television it’s always nice and warm. But in Canada that is not always the case fore some reason.

We had tents and food with us so that was good. We had to search for wood but because we where almost the first ones this year there was enough and the first day it was dry so we could get a fire. After a 7 hours trip from Vancouver by bus boat bus and boat we arrived on the island The boat left us soon as we had all hour stuff so we could start with setting up the tents searching for wood and making a fire.

We where with a group of 8 people 4 guys and 4 girls we all helped with setting up a camp and make sure we would have enough wood to lease the fire the whole night.

We where lucky we did not really had a discussion (what often happens with putting up tents) So in a hour we had the fire there and the tents so we could go around the fire. I and one of the other guys decided to take a swim in the pacific ocean  bit cold but really nice and after we could warm us around the fire. After this we made hot dogs above the fire and later we played a bit with a Frisbee.

We spend some time around the fire and went to bed on time the next day we would need some energy because we decided to do the tough Hike up a 730 meter high hill (mountain) the trail is only 3 KM and they say it’s difficult. The mountain and trail are called ‘Lone cone’ So if you don’t believe it’s a bit hard just Google it If you have some time you should read this story if we did that before we would may go for the easy hike. But to make a lang story short it starts with about 1 km flat ground but it’s a lot of mud and if I say a lot I mean a lot on a lot of places there where laying sticks or tree trunks in there where you could place your feed. After this you start climbing 730 meter but the train is only about 2 km long that means that it is a bit steep. And the group split apart mostly in groups of 2 because it’s easier to hike up on your own speed. I Walked on the back not because I was the slowest just because I want to be there in case someone needs some help. And on the end that was really necessary because people where behind it took a bit longer because they had to rest a lot. and it was important that we took it easy to make sure she was not starting to hyper ventilate. Because we where going kind of slow the hike went really easy for me. I had to wait a lot that takes a lot of patients but we all made it to the top. where we had a nice view. I went down with 2 other persons so we where going a bit faster what I already told it’s hard to slow down a lot so I was happy other people where going the back not that I would not have done it but this made descending for me a lot easier. I was most of the time op front on a group of three (op front like most people know me) And I tried to help them as much as possible with where to put there feet. I went one part down just as a try so fast as possible It was fast but really dangerous. It was a combo of running and free fall (if you did read the other story (the link somewhere here) I was descending as he said you should). I slowed down a bit after a small part because it is fun but dangerous and I don’t want to spend the night there.

We just left hour spot on the top when I made a wrong step and start falling down the mountain on a high speed. I could luckily stop after a few meters and with out much pain I could go on hiking I think it was a good example how dangerous the hike is. I escaped well but it could end worse. I liked to make big jumps to get down everywhere where most people tried the “Safe way”.

After a few hours we where back down we found a nice dry shelter to wait for the last group. and when they where there we went back to the island with the tents. I may forgot to tell a small fact. The weather changed It start raining not bad but rain is rain what made the trail a bit more slippery it started when we where just on the top. But what was more concerning was how to get a fire.

Back at the island we started to search for dry wood enough to make a big fire. We where able to start a fire and cook some food again. After that we where just hanging around the fire. The girls went to there tent first and we where still around the fire. I guess it was around 10:30 PM when we noticed we where not the only ones. There where some wolves in the forest properly just a few  meters away from us. They where walking up and down. When we noticed this we started to make the fire bigger to make sure they would not approach us closer. We putted on all the wood we had. And that was a lot even wood that was more then 2 meters long Soon as we had a really big fire we went to the tent to sleep. I waked up for a few minutes at 3 AM and I could still hear the fire so it was still burning.

When I waked up around 6 PM it was Raining a lot. We waited for an hour but it kept an raining. We went out the tents and start braking them down. We cleaned the beach waiting to get picked up. Soon as we where packed hour Tofino Water Taxi was there. But is was low tide so he could not come really close we put everything in the boat and pushed the boat a bit away in to the ocean. We saw a sea otter when going back. The sea was a bit hard this time and the rain felt like hail with the speed. But We (at least I) had fun. He dropped us close as possible at the bus only 2 blocked walking when we came in to the bus office we where all soaking wet. I was wearing a rain jacked a pull a blouse and a shirt. Everything was wet I luckily had some dry clothes left. and changed there. We where there much earlier then expected because we kind of evacuated the island in a rush. We went to get some coffee and stuff before we could go in the bus to go back to Vancouver. We just arrived back here and I could start with my laundry right away.

I Think I learned a lot on this trip. And I don’t mean stuff like making a fire but more about people and may even more about my self. Some people talk a lot but I think I can beat them. The group was guessing that I used at least 30.000 words a day what is 3 times average. I may should count them one day. But that would cost me so much time that I will not have enough time to make the 30.000. but even to write a short story about a 3 day trip I use a lot of words My editor has a word counter so far I used 1477 words so I will easy make the 1500 what means a bit more then 500 words a day. But I think an important thing I learned the last time (not only this weekend) Is listening If you always talk you sometimes forget to listed. And I’m not sure of I do that enough but at least realizing that now makes it hopefully easier to take care of it. But you don’t have to worry that I get quite long as the sun comes up I will keep making sound and I will not stop until he is up again.

But a experiences like this changes a lot at least for me but I think everyone can learn from a weekend like this it does not matter what you only have to realize it. I don’t regret a single minute of this trip It was an experience that will least the rest of your life. I already wanted to do wild camping but I never had the change now I did it and it’s great And I would do it again even if I would know the weather would be the same.

On the end of this story I like to say thank you to the group it was a great trip and you can only have a great trip with a great group so thank you all for going with us on this trip and even it was may not always easy we made it trough and you will never forget this. And if you have any comments or mistakes in this a bit to long story just let me know I can may change it If you want it different.

And of course I made more pictures I made around 200  and you can find them here and here

For the people that want to know more about it I can always tell you the long version of the story :D

The beach has a ‘Toilet’ as well but we did not use it, It was not really well maintained:

Just a post

It’s a while ago that I did post something so it’s time for an update.

There happens a lot here. Nice thing and less nice things. A lot of friends left the country what is not that nice. You know you are going to make friends when you live abroad. The other thing I know is that you need to say goodbye to most of them again. And how longer I’m here how more of them are leaving. If when you know it before you meet them it’s still a sad moment when they really leave. And I know that one day I will be the one leaving.

One day? To be honest is the time left to short it would love to just do a few more weeks I really like it here so that is a good thing. But don’t worry my flight is scheduled and I will come back on this day. In about 5 weeks I will be back in Reusel to start again with my normal life. It’s kind of weird to know that it’s almost over even when you have more then a month left. To be honest I get sad when I think about leaving here. And I’m not sure Why maybe it’s the great country But to be honest I think it are more the people what make it great. And I know even if I would stay here the other people will leave what will make the place less attractive. So I’m not gone yet but I like to thank all the great people I met here to make the time here to the best time of my life.

Last week I went to the Rockies again with the family they where here to visit me Really nice but also a bit weird. We did almost the same route as we did last time but we stopped more often and this time we did see a Bear Or actually we saw 2 A black one and a Grizzly To be honest I expect a animal that would scare me more. The look a bit like a dog or cow but that is maybe also the thing that makes then dangerous just because they look so nice that you would go to close. They say that you never should approach a bear but my question then how do you make a good picture from a 100 Meters?

We also saw some awesome waterfalls and other stuff I will make sure you will see some pictures and movies I made.

This weekend I will stay with mom and dad they are still here until Monday after that I will go to Vancouver island for a weekend and then I have 3 weekends left before I travel back I will try to enjoy my last week as much as possible. I’m don’t know of I’m happy or sad to go back I’m happy to see my friends and family again Further it’s nice to go on with normal life try to get my job back e.t.c. but on the other end What I already told I don’t want to leave so many nice people here and a lot of things I can still do here so I don’t know yet but I will tell you soon as I know it.

I don’t know of I told it before but this would be a short story so I stop here and will tell more next weeks somewhere.

Fraude met een valse bankwebsite (Scam)

Er is de laatste tijd veel doen over valse bank websites etc iedereen kent hier waarschijnlijk de postbus 51 reclames wel over phishing. Ik denk ook dat iedereen hier denkt ja maar dat overkomt mij niet.

Afgelopen week las ik in het nieuws over een man die 33.000 Euro had verlopen op een valse website. Ik wou dat ik 33.000 Euro kon verliezen ik heb het niet maar toch het bewijst maar weer dat de technieken die ze gebruiken echt werken. Ik krijg zelf ook vaak emails die me vragen om allemaal vage informatie ik doe er nooit iets mee maar toch.

Ik hoop dat ik je met deze post een beetje meer op de hoogte kan brengen hoe ze werken en hoe je zorgt dat je zelf geen slachtoffer wordt.

Voor je de rest van de post leest wil ik je graag vragen om een kleine test te doen of jij het verschil zou merken tussen een echte en een nep website. Klik hier om er achter te komen!

Na er wat mee bezig te zijn geweest komen het origineel en de nep site aardig overeen. Om eerlijk te zijn zijn ze voor meer als 99% gelijk. Het verschil is zo klein dat het eigenlijk gewoon eng is.


Ik laat hier wat ruimte om te zorgen dat je niet meteen het verschil ziet voor het doen van de test!



Controller hier of jij er in zou trappen!








Nog even verder scrollen is voor de mensen met een groot scherm!













Dit was echt nodig ik wil niet de resultaten van de test bijeen vloeden!






Dit is de echt:
The real site
Deze is nep :

Dus wat is nu het verschil. Ik hoop dat iedereen het ziet maar helaas weet ik uit ervaring dat het niet zo is. Het verschil zit hem is de url bar. Dit is de plaats waar je de link in typt.

hieronder staan de url bars:

Het verschil zit hem in het eerste stuk je ziet een rood stuk en een groen stuk. Nou welke zal de echte zijn? het is de groene de groene maakt gebruikt van een zogenaamd certificaat. Dit betekend dat een extern bedrijf de website heeft gecontroleerd en goed heeft bevonden.

Het certificaat werkt alleen met HTTPS:// op het moment dat er gerbuikt wordt gemaakt van http:// dan is de verbinding onbeveiligd. Normaal is dit geen probleem maar gebruik dit nooit om online te bankieren. Een verbinding zonder certificaat ziet er zo uit:

Hoe zorg je er nu voor dat je zelf geen slachtoffer wordt?:
• Zorg altijd dat er een beveiligde HTTPS verbinding is
• Zorg dat je antivirussoftware bijgewerkt is tot de laatste versie
• Zorg dat je webbrowser (internet) bijgewerkt is tot de laatste versie
• Zorg dat de beveiligde verbinding een gecontroleerd certificaat heeft (groene balk)
• Geef nooit je pincode
• Als je het niet vertrouwd doe het niet en neem contact op met je bank.

normaal als het om scam gaat krijg je een link per email. Mijn advies is om altijd zelf naar de bank website te gaan en niet de link uit een email te gebruiken. En de bank zal NOOIT om jou persoonlijke informatie vragen.

Wat voor email je kunt verwachten?


Beste Klant,

Op dit moment hebben wij problemen met ons e.dentifier systeem. Hierdoor kan het zijn dat u op korte termijn niet meer kunt inloggen. Om dit te voorkomen moet u uw e.dentifier verfifieren. U doet dit door naar de volgende link te gaan: “de link”. Vul vervolgens de 2 codes in die de e.dentifier voor u genereerd. Op het moment dat de codes correct zijn gebeurt er niets. Als u gerbuik maakt van een foute e.dentifier zullen wij zo spoedig mogelijk een nieuwe naar u toe sturen u hoeft hier verder niks voor te doen.

Indien u vragen heeft over de procedure neem dan gerust contact met ons op.

Bedankt voor u medewerking,

ABN AMRO online bankieren


Ik heb deze mail ook maar uit me hoofd verzonnen maar het zou er een kunnen zijn.

Een andere manier waarop je er ook nog achter kunt komen is de link. Je hebt misschien al gezien dat de link anders is. Wat je niet weet is dat de link eigenlijk lijd naar http://www. in normale mensen taal de gaat niet naar mijn bank maar naar mijn eigen computer. Ik heb hiervoor alleen een kleine verandering in mijn computer moeten maken. Een kleine instellen ergens diep weg gestopt. Misschien denk je ja maar dat doe ik toch niet. Nee dat klopt maar helaas bestaan er virussen die dit wel voor je doen. Daarom is het van belang dat je virus scanner ten alle tijden bijgewerkt is.

Ik hoop dat je nu een beetje snapt hoe het werkt en hoe je zorgt geen slachtoffer wordt.

Als je nog tips voor mij hebt vertel het me. Als je deze tekst nuttig vond vertel het andere.


De valse website die je hierboven zie had ik zelf ontvangen. Ik heb enkele verbeteringen doorgevoerd om hem nog echter te laten lijken. Dus ik heb hem niet gemaakt!

Bank Fraude (Scam)

Ik ben bezig met een serie over Fraude en dan met name over valse bank website. gewoon een klein testje. Hieronder zie je 2 afbeeldingen beide scherm afdrukken zijn van het ABN inlog venster. Een is nep de andere is de echte. Klik op de afbeelding waarvan jij denkt dat het de echte is.




Een van deze websites is grotendeels gemaakt bij mij. De andere is de echte website van de ABN AMRO. Ga je gang en kies er maar een!

scam (Fake bank websites)

Today I was reading the news like I do every day. I found an article about an older guy who lost 33.000 Euro after having visited a fake bank website. I’ve received a couple of these fake emails as well. I’d like to share how you can identify a fake website and how it works.

Before reading this post, please try to see if you would be able to recognize a fake website. Click here to find out

After having seen the two websites you may feel a bit scared, they appear to be almost identical. Do you want to have a closer look?


I leave some space here so you can not see the sites by entering this page!











Even not when you have a big screen keep scrolling











This was necessary to make sure you don’t see the difference before doing the small test.






The real one:
The real site
The fake one :

So what are the differences? If you take a close look at the URL bar you can see that I’ve used HTTPS for both connections. HTTPS is a secure way of sending your information. You can verify that the website is really from your bank.

Below you can see the two URL bars:

The difference is in the first part of the URL bar. The top one is fake and you can tell that by the big red strike trough ‘https://’. The bottom one is nice and green and seems to be safe.

So always make sure that you are using ‘https://’ and that you can see that the connection is secured.

An other option is that you can see no ‘https://’ indicator, like this:

When you see this, never give any personal information like your account number or anything else.
To prevent you from being the next victim:
• Make sure you have a HTTPS connection
• Make sure your virus scanner is up to date
• Make sure your web browser is up to date
• Make sure the certificate is controlled (the link is green)
• Never give your pin code
• If you don’t trust it never fill out your personal information

When it’s a scam, you normally receive an email in which they tell you that you need to fill out some information. A real bank will never do this. And one thing is for sure, they will never ask you for a pin code.

What kind of email you can expect:


Dear client,

We have currently a lot of problems with our e.dentifier system. To make sure you will be able to use our system in the future please test the working of your e.dentifier Go to the next page “Link here” and fill in the required information. If our system detects that your e.dentifier has problems please contact your bank and ask for more information about this problem.
Thank you for your help. and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

ABN AMRO online banking team


This is an email I just made up but it could look like this. By giving them the e.dentifier they will be able to login and transfer money from your account.

Another thing that you normally will notice is that the link is different. Unfortunately there are ways to redirect the website of the bank to your local computer. My version of the website runs locally at the moment, which means that the visible link is but the real link is The thing I did is rewriting the link of the bank website to my local link. You may think, “I’m not doing that”. I know, but a virus can do it for you. That is why you should make sure that your virus scanner is up to date.

I was doing all of this just to show you how it works. And it was not that hard to be honest. I felt kind of scared when I found out how easy it is to do this kind of fraud. I’ve asked a few people to tell me which one they would choose. The thing that scared me the most was the fact that there where only a few people who really found out witch one was the real one.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope it helps you to understand that you should be careful with on-line banking. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. If you think it was helpful, please share the story!

Scam test

I’m going to write some stories about scam. I have 2 screen shots  from the website of the same bank. One is real the other Fake.

Please click on the one you think is real:



One of this pages is local on my computer. The other one is the live website of my bank. The option is for you witch one would you take?

Poor Dog

Time is flying here. I did not write for a while. I still try to do it more often but time is weird thing you never have enough. If you have to much you are bored if you have to less you are in hurry. But finding a perfect balance is really hard One thing for sure I’m not a master in time management. But at least I know my weaknesses. And I like to by busy I get bored really fast so it’s good to be busy I prefer that to be bored. But I know that I sometimes promise more as that I really can do. I should not do that.

But even when I have a lot of stuff to do I try to enjoy Vancouver as Much as possible. I don’t want to go home regretting that I did not everything that was possible. I’m here only ones and I should and will enjoy me time here.

I have about 7 weeks left. (at least 7 weekends) At least 5 of them are already planned what means that time is really running out now.

This weekend was a good one. Today we went ice skating and I didn’t fell down. And I noticed what I was doing. Before going there I did not really know what to expect. The last time is was Ice skating is about 13 Years ago. so I had know idea how to do it. But I used to do a lot of Roller blade on the roads. This is a bit similar. to Ice skating. Also the roller blade was 4 years ago but i still could do it. And may I should do it again when I’m back it’s not that bad and it’s a good exercise. So if I’m back please remember me that I said this.  but as I was telling I did not say to people that I kind of knew how to do it. So I would fall down everyone would say: Can happen it’s his first time. There where also people that said they could do it. If they would fall down it would more be like: Haha I thought you knew how to do it? So without really noticing was I preparing myself in the best way. When it would go wrong nobody would think that I was over reacting with saying I knew how to do it.

An other thing I start noticing here is that I never do hard promise. I will always say: It should work, I will try or I think i know how to do it. Why I do this. I don’t know if people ask me why I do that I always say to make sure they don’t sue me but of course that is not the really reason. Why I do it? I’m not sure maybe to try not to disappoint people. May I’m just insecure I have no clue but i think it’s not a real bad thing. I’t will not often happen that i promise something I can’t do.

So that was about the Ice skating. I really liked it and I hope we get a good winter next year in the Netherlands. Maybe I will stay there again for a while.

Yesterday I first went to say goodbye to a friend who was going back to Denmark. I think saying goodbye to the friends you make here is the worst thing of living abroad. You meet a lot of nice people here but on the moment you meet them you know that the goodbye is never far away. And from experience I know it’s hard to keep in touch after leaving the country. I will try it but even with the social media these days it’s hard. But For Rasmus: Enjoy your live back in Denmark and lever forget your experience here.

I Bought a Big Canadian Flag. I ask All the people I go along with a lot here to sing the flag before they or I leave. So I have not just a souvenir from here. But I can always remember all the people who I met here.

After the sad moment of saying goodbye I went to Lynn valley (Again) We where with around 9 people. That made a really good day And I’m sure we should do this more often. While we where walking there a fireman asked us of we had see a dog down in the water? We did not but it turned out to that a dog felt down in the water. After a few more minutes of walking we discovered that there where 2 Fire trucks and one car from the fire rescue department. They where all searching for the dog. First in my mind was like that are a lot of people searching for just a dog. But then I thought how it would be as it was my dog. I would maybe be angry that there were only 3 fire trucks. So it’s not that weird. When we came back the fire people where gone. But it turned out they did not find the dog. Today in the news I heard that the dog Died there It was a Labrador And most likely he is take by the currents of the water. Today 40 people searched for the dog. And they did find him. Dead I field kind of bad about it I can’t imagine how it would be when it was my dog. I was already worried when they told me that she had a weird spot on his leg. And I can’t wait to see him back.

On Thursday my parents arrive in Vancouver for a nice holiday (unfortunately they where not able to bring the dog he would love it here). I’m looking forward to go back to the rockies. But I know that I also will miss a lot of fun with the people here in Vancouver. I would love to split myself in to two but I know I have to make the decision and of course I go to the Rockies with my parents. I hope we see a Bear this time and maybe some other nice animals.

On the end of this story I like to thank everybody for reading my blog. I have between 4 and 40 visitors a day. Since I’m here I had 245 Unique visitors who have more then 2100 page views. So thank you for reading my stories.

I was planning to write a short story But it’s a bit longer then I expected. I have more then a 1000 words so that’s not short any more. I will try to write some more stories during this week.

Thank you for reading,





gewoon een boom

Story with the same clue English Here!

Ik schrijf de meeste verhalen op dit moment op zijn Engels. Sorry voor de mensen die dit niet of slecht spreken ik zal proberen ook het Nederlands weer iets beter bij gaan houden.

Elke dag loop ik hier door de straat en zie ik de bomen. Het zijn gewoon bomen niks raars aan. Ik heb ze gezien in de zon, in het donker en met sneeuw op de top. Ik heb er nooit echt op gelet het fijn dat er bomen staan maar zoveel geef ik er ook weer niet om. Tot afgelopen week. Een van de bomen hier in de straat staat nu volledig in bloei. Hij is volledig gehuld in kleine roze blaadjes. En toen pas zag ik wat voor een boom het was. Het is een sier kers Een boom als wij vroeger in de tuin hadden. En dat deed me denken aan de tijd dat ik daar speelde leuk al die kleine blaadjes. (niet voor de gene die ze op moest ruimen misschien). Maar die boom zette me aan het denken. En niet over bomen maar over hoe mijn jeugd was en wat ik heb gedaan. Wat heb ik gelukkig wel gedaan en waar heb ik spijt van.

Er is gelukkig niet veel waar ik echt spijt van heb. ach er zijn natuurlijk altijd puntjes. Had ik maar iets beter opgelet tijdens de taal lessen. omdat ik dyslectisch ben kreeg ik allerlei voordelen wat fijn is natuurlijk ik heb me hele schooltijd niks hoeven te doen. Mooi toch? Achteraf hadden ze me die voordelen misschien niet moeten geven. In het echte leven kunnen je er geen D boven zetten. Je moet gewoon kunnen schrijven om mee te gaan in de maatschappij. En met engels was het nog veel erger. Misschien was me schooltijd een stuk zwaarder geweest zonder de voordelen maar ik denk dat ik er nu dan toch blij mee was geweest. Maar het is gebeurt en de enige die er nu nog iets aan kan doen ben ik zelf.

Gelukkig heb ik ook veel goede dingen over aan het leven tot dusver. Ik heb veel gereisd. En ik houd van reizen dat mag duidelijk zijn. Ik heb geleefd in verschillende landen en geweldige ervaringen opgedaan.

Ik kan iedereen aanraden wat ik doe. Elke kan om naar een land te vertrekken pak ik aan. En dat wil ik zeker blijven doen. De aarde telt ongeveer 246 Landen dus er is nog genoeg te zien. Ik denk dat ik over het geheel tevreden kan zijn met wat ik tot dusver heb bereikt en als ik zo door ga dan zal ik er ooit wel komen. waar ik kom of wil komen tja dat weet niemand echt maar ergens is ook een mooie bestemming. En niet te vergeten dat soms de reis mooier is dan de bestemming.

Het is toch raar wat een simpele boom kan los maken he. Herinneringen zitten diep maar de kleinste dingen kunnen ze boven halen.

Als je nog een minuutje hebt laat dan gerust een reactie achter hier altijd leuk om te lezen wat mensen van me verhalen vinden. (Mag in Nederlands of Engels)

Cherry tree in blossom